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About Judy


Judy's Story

Judy’s story is best told in the lyrics of "Dustin' off Dreams," a song written about her by her brother Frank "Doc" Messina.

“Dustin’ Off Dreams”

She was born
With an eye for the colors
That brighten the earth and the sky
She could capture in line
Pictures of livin'
A bird that was learnin’ to fly
Then came the kids
And the dinners and laundry
On top of the job that she did
Now that they’re gone
She’s surrounded by brushes
And paint in an old mayonnaise lid
She’s dustin’ off dreams
That have waited a lifetime
Dreams that it’s time to fulfill.

Judy Thompson, Watercolor Addict, and Sunny
Julienne and Sunny, Judy Thompson's Beloved Dogs

Artist Judy Thompson and Her Beloved Dogs
Sunny & Julienne

Judy is Fulfilling Her Dreams...

Judy Thompson is a self-admitted "watercolor addict." Absolutely passionate about the joys of painting in that medium, she finds a special joy in painting animals from family pets to exotic species.
A multiple-award-winning watercolor artist, Judy is a member of several professional organizations including the Southwest Florida Watercolor Society, the Center for the Arts Bonita Springs and the Naples Art Association. Her work has been exhibited in juried shows throughout the area.
Judy first studied art in college, but she graduated with a degree in Elementary Education. Painting went on the back burner as she spent the next 31 years teaching. She later studied Botanical Art under the very talented Alfreda Lee, using a wet on dry watercolor technique with very fine detail. Most recently, she studied with award-winning watercolor artists Pat Weaver, Kathleen Giles, Anne Abgott and Jean Haines. Now in retirement, Judy finds special joy in paining all of  God's creatures. 


Judy’s greatest pleasures come from breathing life into the images of the creatures she paints and the delight she sees in the eyes of those who experience her work –- either in galleries or in private collections.

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